Current members of the group

Dr. Clelia Righi
Group leader

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  • Michael Wolloch – Seiji Kajita – Clelia Righi – Paolo Restuccia – Giacomo Levita – Giulio Fatti
Dr. Alessandra Ciniero
Postdoc research assistant
Dr. Michael Wolloch
Postdoc research assistant
Giulio Fatti
PhD student
Stefan Peeters
PhD student
Gabriele Losi
PhD student

Visiting researchers

Dr. Sophie Loehlé
Visiting researcher from Total SA
Dr. Seiji Kajita
Visiting researcher from Toyota Central R&D Labs

Previous group members

Dr. Paolo Restuccia

Dr. Giacomo Levita

Dr. Omar Manelli

Dr. Marco Reguzzoni

Dr. Giovanna Zilibotti